A good start into 2021 with Chinese partner CNTERM

In December 2020, the International Network for Terminology (TermNet), project partner of FedTerm, got a very encouraging message from Zhenlei Du, Director of the Chinese Termonline Project, expressing his interest in cooperation between Fedterm and CNTERM:

The Publicity and Promotion Department of CNTERM, the China National Committee for Terminology in Science and Technology, has maintained its Termonline database ( since 2016, and has provided more than 90 million query services by users worldwide.

In September 2020, Terminology Online 2.0 was launched for trial. The new version not only strengthens the functions of term searching, AI recommendation and term management, but also extends diversified terminology knowledge services such as interface services, terminology graphs and original text transmission, knowledge linking, etc.

Termonline also offers users a link to, Zhenlei Du, Director of the Chinese Termonline Project, says. The English version of Termonline is under development and is expected to be online in March 2021. We are expected to cooperate with Fedterm and TermNet over terminology resources. Zhenlei Du, in December 2020

FedTerm and TermNet are delighted about this good news, and look forward to the next steps of this exciting cooperation with CNTERM.