Towards ideal pan-European terminology portal

The first project milestone of Federated eTranslation TermBank Network is about user requirements and functional specifications for a pan-European terminology portal. A questionnaire was sent out by all Federated eTranslation TermBank Network project partners, to key drivers in terminology management at national, European and International level.

Since European Commission is interested in any language from any subject field, the Federated eTranslation TermBank Network gathered interesting and helpful feedback not only from the partners countries, but also from many other EU member states, such as Croatia, Germany, Hungary or Slovakia, and from Third Countries: Chinese terminologists who compiled a multi-lingual termbase in Traditional Chinese Medicine sent the survey back, and also African users of EuroTermbank.

A report in December will give an overview of the results and findings of the survey. Based on the obtained feedback concerning the specific user needs for the EuroTermBank Federated Network, a list of user scenarios and stories will be prepared, structured by priorities. Users’ answers will be summarized and will result in a clear set of functional specifications. Thus, the report will contain key information on (1) results of the user requirement analysis, and (2) a description of all necessary functionalities.